Settlement Services

For those employees or their partners who need a more comprehensive level of support, either because they have a limited amount of time, or are unfamiliar with the new location, Beswick Relocation Services is here to help.

What we can do…

  • Purchasing electrical items and furnishings.
  • Registering with doctors/dentists etc.
  • Arranging television license and advising on installation of cable/satellite/Freeview.
  • Guidance over telephone/broadband selection and connection.


  • ‘Settlement Services’ help ease your employee’s transition into their new role with the least amount of disruption.
  • Reduces employee distraction, allowing them to focus on achieving business objectives.
  • Ensures your employees and their families are settled and happy, presenting a positive, caring image of your company and avoiding abortive relocations.
  • Your employee and their family have a reliable, friendly point of contact on hand to give advice and support whilst they adjust to unfamiliar surroundings.