Guaranteed Sale Scheme

The Guaranteed Sale Scheme (also known as HomeSale) is a proven and efficient vehicle to allow your Company to ‘aquire’ your employee’s home, enabling them to buy a home in the new location. Beswick Relocation Services provide a complete, fully managed scheme. We administer the whole process from organising valuations, instructing panel solicitors and drawing up contracts, right through to completion. We are able to advise on client policy concerning key elements of the scheme, to ensure it meets budgets and reduces risk. This is achieved by basing offers not only against established Market Value but also saleability, local knowledge and comparable information as well as employing risk sharing options on gain-on sale policy and control periods.

What we do…

  • An experienced consultant from Beswick Relocation Services will undertake a ‘HomeVisit’ to personally inspect the property and meet with your employee and their family to explain the scheme in full.
  • This ‘HomeVisit’ allows us to gain valuable first-hand knowledge of the property, explore the immediate location, individually mystery shop and assess local agents, obtain comparable evidence, and determine saleability and marketing strategy for reporting purposes and preparation for resale.
  • We arrange for independent chartered surveyors and local agents to value and appraise the property. These inspections will provide us with an established Market Value, identify defects that may affect re-sale and obtain local opinion as to asking price and timescale.
  • Beswick Relocation Services will report Market Value together with any conditions (works or legal), highlight any potential difficulties in re-sale, and finally an opinion as to whether the property is suitable for ‘buy in’ and if so at what figure.
  • Should your company decide to make an offer to your employee at or below the established Market Value Beswick Relocation Services will verbally confirm this to them and then provide written confirmation of the Guaranteed Price and all conditions attached.
  • Should the offer be accepted, our solicitors are instructed to commence the ‘buy in’ process, ensuring all searches, legal title and contract information are sound.
  • Simultaneously a comprehensive marketing strategy is instigated. Beswick Relocation Services will then vigorously monitor marketing activity and agent performance until a re-sale is agreed to a third party.
  • When all the necessary legal safeguards are in place, funds will be requested from your Company and subsequently released in order to allow your employee to exchange and complete on their purchase in the new location.
  • Should your employee purchase a new home and vacate before the property has sold, we will manage all on-going maintenance to maximize marketing potential. This will also include insurance, registration and payment of utilities and council tax, gardening, cleaning etc.


  • Minimises disruption to your employees and their families, and allows key staff to concentrate on achieving business objectives without the distraction of property sale and remote maintenance.
  • Controls timescales, reducing or eliminating the need for temporary accommodation or regular commuting.
  • Your Company retains control over re-sale, maximising use of tax concessions, and reducing costs on sale.
  • Our ‘HomeVisit’ provides further protection for your Company and also builds trusting future relationships with your employees from the outset, increasing understanding the process thereby reducing queries.
  • Attracts and retains high calibre recruits.
  • Our total independence and objectivity balances risk to client and fairness to employee.