Group Moves

Beswick Relocation Services are experienced in all aspects of multiple or group moves, from full office to departmental relocations.

What we can do…

  • A dedicated ‘Group Move’ manager will visit you to discuss in absolute confidence, your Company’s business objectives together with timing of the announcement and when the move is anticipated.
  • This visit will result in a comprehensive proposal detailing recommendations on ‘Group Move’ policy, procedures, and timings with a full breakdown of estimated costs.
  • ‘Group Move’ plans can be tailored to incorporate staff briefings, employee guides with ‘question and answers’ sections, and clearly defined reporting and management structures.
  • We continue to work with you and your employees throughout the move providing constant support and reassurance, whilst monitoring timescales and costs and reporting objectively to you, our client.


  • Early planning ensures future difficulties are identified and resolved in advance.
  • Unique ‘Cost Analysis’ allows accurate forecasting prior to commitment to relocate, and ensures moves take place on time and within budget.
  • Your Company is perceived as in control and responsive to employee concerns.
  • Unique ‘Group Move’ policy ensures precedents are not set for future relocations.