Rental Assistance Programme

Rental Assistance is a product specifically tailored to support relocating employees to rent out their home. This service is ideal where employees are on a temporary secondment or may be relocating again in a limited period and also offers a safe, workable solution for employees who do not wish to, or are unable to sell at the present time. ‘Rental Assistance Programme’ aims to relieve all the stresses and strains from an often complex and time consuming process, providing professional advice on key elements involved.

What we can do…

  • If required, an experienced consultant from Beswick Relocation Services will undertake a ‘HomeVisit’ to personally inspect the property and meet with your employee and their family, providing an opportunity to explain the scheme in full and address any initial concerns.
  • This ‘HomeVisit’ also allows us to gain valuable first-hand knowledge of the property, explore the immediate location, individually mystery shop and assess local rental agents, obtain comparable evidence, and determine rental suitability and marketing strategy.
  • Instruct the most appropriate letting agents to conduct an assessment of the property for rental purposes.
  • Provide a full rental viability report highlighting potential issues, rental value and anticipated charges, and recommending the most appropriate marketing agent.
  • Arrange an Energy Performance Certificate and ensure all relevant gas and electrical safety certificates are in place.
  • Negotiate terms with the selected letting agent to commence the marketing of the property.
  • Once a suitable tenant is secured, our consultant will liaise with the agent to ensure both client’s and employee’s interests are maintained.
  • Beswick Relocation Services will continue to maintain regular contact with the letting agent and your employee to ensure the tenancy agreement is signed and the check-in process completed.


  • Dedicated advisor experienced in all aspects of the rental sector providing expertise to ensure a successful let within the timescales specified.
  • Personal delivery of service to your employee ensuring confidence and reassurance throughout the process, reducing any anxiety and allowing them to focus on their new job role.
  • Arrangement of all necessary safety certificates throughout the tenancy ensuring all legal obligations are met, providing complete peace of mind to your employee.
  • Confidence that the property is being managed professionally throughout the entire process ensuring your employee’s investment is protected and maximised.
  • Communication of all key developments resulting in a well informed and motivated employee.
  • Potential for you, our client and your employee to derive additional income to offset other costs, including rental payments in the new location.