UK Departure Services

Departure Services are those solutions which support your employee to conclude their affairs in their current location in the UK, and assist their exit from that location to fulfil their responsibilities in the new location.

This range of services covers every aspect of individual or group moves, from our comprehensive choice of property disposal and removal management services to administering, settling and reporting the associated costs together with any related purchase or rental.

Relocation support is usually organised into two main categories; those services assisting your employee to depart from their current location (Departure Services), and those services which help them to get settled into the new area (Destination Services). Whilst this section focuses on our core Departure Services, we recommend that it is read in conjunction with our Destination Services section. We understand that comprehensive relocation support for both individual and group moves involves many interlinking elements, including assisting with the sale of your employee’s property and advising on their purchase, assisting with sourcing temporary accommodation, and knowing when to book removals. By co-ordinating these key elements we help ensure that the whole process is as smooth and worry-free as possible for everyone involved.