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Whatever the circumstances, Beswick Relocation Services offer a range of realistic, practical solutions for the challenges you face, combined with professional advice, support and reassurance every step of the way.

Our extensive programme of services and products has been designed to provide our corporate clients with the support they need to effectively manage the entire relocation process and are separated into three main categories focussing upon different aspects of the relocation process:

  • Departure Services such as Marketing Assistance and Removal Management, which assist an employee to conclude their affairs in the current location in the UK in order to fulfil their responsibilities in the new location.
  • Destination Services which are a group of services including Area familiarisation, Homesearch and Education Assistance, designed to give relocating employees the support they need to make a home for themselves in the new location.
  • International Settlement Services which are specifically designed to provide a greater level of support for employees relocating to the UK from overseas.

What sets us apart from other relocation management companies is our innovative approach to relocation. We don’t just provide relocation services; instead we work alongside HR teams to carefully plan each individual move, supported by a comprehensive selection of Relocation Management Solutions including Cost Analysis, Expense Management, PSA/Tax reporting, Consultancy and Policy Review.

We are keen wherever possible to offer total flexibility to our clients. So whilst most services can be utilised as standalone options we also encourage consideration of one of our ‘personalised service bundles’ which can be an efficient and cost effective way of combining key elements to ensure support is targeted where it is needed most.

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