Praise from our valued clients and relocatees.


6th September 2021

"Have to say, I’m really impressed by the people handling our relocation and the speed which these things are processed."

Belgium to Manchester

18th August 2021

"Thanks a lot also from my side for the great support to make that happen! Appreciate your reactivity and help very much."

Pleasure to talk to…..

23rd July 2021

"Heather was an absolute star, always happy to answer any questions I had no matter how small and always a pleasure to talk to. Deborah has also been brilliant in the final stages after exchange & completion."

Aylesbury to Solihull – invaluable support

"The support from Beswick has been invaluable throughout this process so thank you so much. All the best 😊"

Italy to UK

28th June 2021

"Very good service, accurate communication. Oliver and the team always kind, understanding and accommodating"

Barry to Dunbar

2nd June 2021

"Heather was extremely helpful, helped when things were getting frustrating to calm me down, very professional and easy to get along with....was a big help in understanding the differences between moving house in England/Wales compared to Scotland"

Australia to UK

26th April 2021

"Heather is a rockstar. She kept me informed of everything during the move from Australia to the UK. Very professional indeed. ....... was the contributing factor in this going well. She was very helpful and flexible when shit hit the fan. She is an example of how to manage complex relocation ...

I hope if I move in future, it will be yourselves I deal with again…

17th March 2021

"I would like to thank Beswick's and all the team for their great support with my moving to Wales and the flat in Cardiff Bay. All issues or concerns were rectified quickly and it was great to have yourselves as the relocation support. I hope if I move in future, it will be yourselves I deal with ...

Newbury to Sale …. added a huge value

15th February 2021

"I would like to thanks Robin and Oliver for their unlimited support during the whole relocation process. Their advice were really useful and added a huge value."

exceptional in every detail!

"(the team)were very thoughtful and attended to us promptly. They were exceptional in every detail! I would say that Heather was incredible with the whole organization. She did go beyond her responsibility to help us."