Praise from our valued clients and relocatees.

US to London UK – going beyond…

31st May 2023

"Super proactive, always providing outstanding support......Deborah has been awesome, making our relocation experience great.....going beyond."

Client feedback

25th May 2023

Hi Oliver Thank you for sharing the satisfaction questionnaire, which confirms excellent results. This isn’t surprising! Thank you to Deborah and the team for making the relocation process as smooth as possible. Kind regards Julie

UK arrival from Japan

"Deborah was great help for me and also internal information sharing was exceptional while she was away."

Dubai to Manchester

2nd May 2023

"Deborah really helped me in the entire process. I really thank her a lot."

Kuwait to Manchester UK – accommodation is more than amazing

22nd March 2023

"Team was very helpful even during weekends......accommodation is more than amazing, location is tremendous, staff is very helpful, all the experience was excellent."

Queensland to Manchester – great communication, very considerate of the circumstances and time zone challenges

15th March 2023

"Deborah was incredibly helpful, very clear in her communication and always kept us in the loop......Great support on explaining the details of the rental market contract etc."

Finland to Glasgow – a great help…

14th March 2023

"Deborah was a great help for our relocation and helped us immensely"

Finland to UK – Exceeded all my expectations.

8th March 2023

"Robin exceeded all my expectations.....I needed to change my criteria for the apartment quite radically and time was running out. Robin handled everything from my temporary apartment to landing permanent over expectations."

10/10 – first time I ever moved abroad

1st March 2023

"I just wanted to reach out to you and share my experience relocating from Helsinki Finland to Manchester. It was my first time I ever moved abroad, and it was more stressful than I thought. I have worked in sales/customer service roles for the past 10 years in Hilti and I owe my deepest ...

Colombia to UK

28th February 2023

"You guys deliver a great service and support for this relocation"