Praise from our valued clients and relocatees.

Moscow to Glasgow – patience and professionalism

14th December 2022

"You paid so much attention to me and I am very thankful to you for it and for your patience and professionalism with which everything was done. I am very happy I had you as a support for all this period. It is difficult to overestimate your help in all the questions as I personally found this ...

France to UK

7th December 2022

"Deborah was awesome! Super helpful, professional and polite. IT was a pleasure to have her help me :)"

Turkey to UK

6th December 2022

Great news! Thanks Robin for your support – you are doing a great job.

Bulgaria to UK – The best team ever. I really cannot complain!

1st December 2022

"The best team ever. I really cannot complain!.....Debbie and Robin were excellent. Debbie was super nice and Robin was able to offer first hand experience that benefited me.....They did provide a ton of excellent recommendations and aligned with the landlords."

Moscow to Manchester

28th November 2022

"Deborah gave me a great support in all my topics"

Dubai to Manchester

23rd November 2022

"I want to thank in specific "Deborah Blundell" for her great supports and fast response all the time and her availability when needed even in a short notice.....amazing in all aspects, I hope she gets the recognition/award she deserves."

Bulgaria to UK…amazing effort

9th November 2022

"I wanted to also thank you and Robin for the really amazing effort put in in the last 1 month. I would definitely not been able to find a home so fast without you."

Spain to UK

4th November 2022

"Deborah is so nice. Really helpful and envolve in the service."

Macclesfield to Dunbar

26th October 2022

"I have relocated with Robin for the last 3 moves and all have been managed and handled very well indeed. Thank you"

Dusseldorf to Liverpool

21st October 2022

"Robin did a really good job of showing properties and taking care of the rental contract, etc."