International Settlement Services

Relocating employees and their families from overseas presents a unique set of challenges. Whilst fundamentally international relocatees need the same support as their colleagues moving within the UK, they often need a greater degree of reassurance and higher level of hand-holding from the outset together with appropriate guidance, to ensure their integration is as smooth as possible.

Our programme of ‘International Settlement Services’ is specifically designed to provide this enhanced level of support in areas such as property search, check-in services and international removals. Also included within this website are unique services for international relocatees such as ‘Driving Familiarisation’, ‘Cultural Briefings’ and ‘Language Tuition’, which are designed to help ease your employee’s transition into UK life and make sure they and their family are happy and settled in their new home and environment.

When planning an international relocation to the UK, we also recommend clients consider utilising our management services such as ‘Account Management’, ‘Cost Analysis’ and ‘Consultancy’ which help us to ensure that each relocation is undertaken within your Company’s timescales, budgets and policy.