Policy Review

In today’s changing and mobile employment market it is essential that companies have a cost effective, up to-date, yet highly effective relocation policy in place to ensure attraction and retention of key employees and avoid disruption and unnecessary cost. Relocation policies are essential to prepare and protect companies, as well providing crucial support for employees with financial and family commitments.

Using our considerable experience within the relocation industry, we are able to draft and agree policies either from your Company’s existing guidelines and procedures or develop from new. All reviews will consider factors such as your existing employees, recruitment and retention priorities, tax issues and available budgets in addition to industry and job role comparisons.


  • Demonstrates a professional, forward thinking and caring image of your Company and appeals to internal and external recruits looking for career development.
  • Identifies potential savings and maximises efficiency, reducing administration within Human Resources departments.
  • Accounts for all considerations ensuring a smooth and efficient relocation procedure, minimising disruption to your Company, your employees and their families.
  • All policy design and reviews will incorporate easy to understand “Employee Guides” and “Human Resources Procedures” manuals.