Accompanied Check-in

Our consultant will coordinate the entire rental check–in process, making it possible for your employee to move straight in to their new property with as little disruption as possible.

What we do…

  • Agreement of Inventory (including taking digital photographs of condition) and familiarisation with main appliances, central heating timers and alarm.
  • Set up of utilities (water, electric, gas) and council tax, and support arranging telephone connection, internet access, tenant’s contents insurance and television license (if required).
  • Ensure all necessary safety certificates and EPC are in place.
  • Assistance purchasing small electrical appliances and furnishings
  • Provision of ‘Tenant’s Information Guide’ (with details of local refuse collection and recycling) and Welcome Pack, including basic provisions and groceries (optional).


  • Consultant can personally ensure your employee is settled and comfortable from the start.
  • Our consultant is on-hand to identify any issues and deal with them immediately.
  • Employee is made fully aware of obligations and responsibilities under the tenancy agreement.
  • Professional, thorough inventory check on move-in pre-empts potential issues when the tenancy ends.