Area Information Guides

The prospect of relocating to another country can often seem daunting. So when your employee and their family are informed of their intended move, it is critical that they have as much information as possible to help them make informed decisions over any concerns they may have. Our ‘Area Information Guides’ are a highly valuable online resource that allows clients to present this information in a positive and easy to understand format which is accessible anytime, anywhere.

These user-friendly guides aid understanding of what it is like to live in the UK, with useful advice on everyday things like money, shopping, and education. Guides also offer a detailed overview of the areas they may want to settle in, with valuable advice on different residential areas, property types and desirability. Dependent upon client requirements and budget these highly flexible guides can also include assistance with local transport, travel times, education, shopping, amenities, useful phone numbers, council services, hobbies and leisure interests.


  • Reduces search times and unnecessary area visits, limiting Company expenditure and achieving timescales.
  • Delivers, collates and presents essential information in a practical, user-friendly way, which employees can access at their convenience. This resource is especially useful for international relocates, when the time difference may mean their query cannot be immediately answered during normal UK business hours.
  • Gains the confidence of your employee and their family from the outset, providing reassurance and showing a caring and understanding image of your company.
  • Access to practical, straightforward information reduces stress and anxiety, and allows your Company to present the new location in a positive light, preventing your employees obtaining mis-information through ‘Googling.’