Beswick Relocation Services is able to offer common sense, unbiased and objective solutions based upon many years of experience in addition to industry comparisons and standards. Examples can range from property related through to personal issues involving expenditure, allowances, education, employment, living standards, valuation disputes, tax implications etc. Troubleshooting reports can be undertaken on a variety of scenario’s to provide detailed written replies, which may be used as justification or validation in decision making.


  • Dedicated consultants available to advise and offer solutions either over the telephone or in one to one meetings.
  • Reduces costs by using services when needed, rather than employing a dedicated resource.
  • Independent and unbiased advice allows your Company to detach involvement from what can often be subjective and contentious issues.
  • Provides support and justification to the decision making process with the benefit of completely unbiased advice.
  • Results in additional confidence that any decisions are taken with an “outside” view based upon experience and industry standards, whilst highlighting or avoiding possible tax implications.
  • Ensures additional support is on-hand during unusual one off or ‘Group Moves’, providing the reassurance that assistance is readily available.