Marketing Assistance Programme

The Marketing Assistance Programme combines key elements of our ‘Guaranteed Sale Scheme’ without the requirement to ‘purchase’ your employee’s home. Our programme has been designed to give client and employee impartial and objective advice from experienced property consultants in dealing with a complex process requiring the co-ordination of a variety of disciplines including estate agency, legal and surveying matters. Our client is able to retain greater control of timescales and costs, benefiting from the use of our panel suppliers and also receive independent and unbiased advice over how realistic and pro-active your employee is being over achieving a sale.

What we can do…

  • If required, a dedicated consultant will carry out a ‘HomeVisit’ with your employee and their family to explain the programme and inspect the property.
  • We will carry out comprehensive research in the area to determine overall market conditions, ‘supply and demand’ and information relating to property which has sold and at what price. A mystery shop will also be carried out to establish the most suitable agent for marketing.
  • Local agents will be instructed to obtain accurate and realistic appraisals.
  • A Marketing Report will be produced making recommendations on selling agents, asking price, marketing strategy and sale price. This report will also highlight any improvements required, comparable evidence, anticipated timescales and potential issues together with appropriate solutions.
  • Once all parties are in agreement, Beswick Relocation Services will agree terms and instruct the recommended agent. We will then vigorously monitor and report on marketing, liaising with both employee and client over any on-going recommendations to improve sale.
  • The consultant will liaise with you, your employee and the estate agents over any offers made and discuss the ability of the purchaser to proceed before a decision to accept or reject is made.
  • Once a sale has been agreed and solicitors have been instructed, Beswick Relocation Services will continue to monitor and progress the sale until completion.


  • ‘Home Visit’ allows our consultant to gain crucial first-hand knowledge of your employee’s property and is particularly valuable when dealing with potentially difficult cases or those where the whole family needs guidance and reassurance.
  • An initial face-to-face visit maximizes communication from the outset and establishes a relationship with your employee and their family, allowing our consultant to explain the relocation process in detail and personally address any concerns or queries they may have.
  • Professional, impartial and objective advice establishes true property value and ensures best marketing strategy is implemented from the outset, increasing the opportunity for an early yet fair sale still at the best possible price.
  • Co-ordination of key suppliers including solicitors and estate agents to ensure minimal stress and disruption to your employee and their family.
  • Enables key staff to concentrate on achieving business objectives without the distraction of monitoring the marketing of their property.