Purchase Assistance Programme

Purchase Assistance is a highly useful tool in enabling your employees to successfully purchase a new property as well as achieve a sale, and one which is often overlooked. If your employee is struggling to sell their current home they may not have even begun to consider purchasing in the new location. Beswick Relocation Services can provide professional guidance and support on negotiating a purchase price which may allow your employee to accept a lower than expected offer on their own home, either from a private buyer or through a Company funded scheme.

What we can do…

  • Your employee will search for a property in the usual way and forward to our dedicated property consultant any properties of interest.
  • The consultant will then research the property, comparable evidence and local market conditions before providing a reasoned opinion as to the property’s current value.
  • Before an offer is made, the consultant will discuss your employee’s personal and financial circumstances, and their current status as well as ascertaining key details such as timescales and offer conditions etc, before agreeing a remit in which to proceed.
  • We will then submit, in partnership with your employee, an offer on their behalf. However, if the employee is confident to do so and should they so wish, they may prefer to offer themselves. In both cases our consultant will remain in regular contact with your employee throughout negotiations, helping them to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Once a sale has been agreed, the consultant will remain in regular contact with the selling agent and update your employee accordingly on all key events.
  • If required we will recommend and where possible instruct any specialist reports which ought to be undertaken, and upon receipt, advise your employee upon the merits of these reports.
  • Our consultant will continue to monitor the purchase and provide ad-hoc advice until exchange of contracts and completion occurs.


  • Professional advice, research and reassurance from an experienced relocation consultant concerning the merits of a particular property.
  • Assistance in negotiating a reduction on purchase price may facilitate the move by allowing your employee to accept a low offer on their own property.
  • Often the involvement of a relocation company in negotiations improves the status of your employee’s offer and perception of their ability to proceed, increasing chances of success.
  • Continued support right through to exchange of contracts, helping to minimize stress and disruption to your employee and their family.
  • Allows key staff to concentrate on achieving business objectives without the distraction of lengthy negotiations, often taking place over several days or weeks.
  • Support and guidance on purchasing in the new location can encourage family confidence in the move and decrease the likelihood of abortive relocation.