Oliver Beswick

Managing Director

Oliver BeswickOliver has an extensive knowledge of relocation and property spanning over 25 years, beginning his career in property and asset management. After working for the largest independent relocation company in the UK as operations manager for the northern region Oliver founded Beswick Relocation services in 2000 with the ethos to provide inclusive relocation with first class service delivery supported by a fantastic team.

Having substantial experience in management, policy review and group move projects he has been recently involved in several successful high profile projects involving Cadbury/Kraft, Lafarge Tarmac, TalkTalk and AstraZeneca.

Outside the office Oliver loves the sea and Cornwall and enjoys a variety of interests and sports on and off the field collecting an enviable range of injuries over the years in most of them! The rewards of working with a great company, loyal employees and healthy and caring family means the motivation to continue in the changing world of business remains as strong as ever.

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