How are we doing?

At regular intervals we approach all our active relocatees to ensure they are happy with the service whilst it’s been provided, not just after their move.

This provides us with a snapshot of current mood and increase our ability to learn and react where the stress points of relocation occurs throughout the journey.

In March we asked two simple questions about our performance and the results we hope speak for themselves:

Overall how happy are you with the support being received from Beswick Relocation Services? 90% top score rate as very happy

Overall how happy are you with the support being received from your Relocation Consultant/point of contact? 90% top score rate as very happy

and a few comments from the responses…..

“I can’t think of any way you can improve your service ha honestly been fantastic”

“Deborah and Robin have been wonderful. They are really knowledgeable and good at what they do. I am so pleased we have benefited from having them help us with our relocation.”

“Just stay as you are!”

“I wouldn’t change a thing about the process!”

“Beswick have made the relocation so much easier to handle.”

“Beswick have been brilliant, the whole process has been completely pain free. At the start everything was explained in detail, with regular communication throughout the process. Payments have also been sent over exceedingly quickly so I never felt out of pocket.”

“Thank you very much for your excellent service!”

“Always approachable, quick and reliable follow up”

“You’ve guided me through the process really well even from the initial phone call to explain the service and talk through my needs. The service has been invaluable in helping me transition through this process”

“Heathers help and support through the whole process has been incredible, any issues or concerns I’ve had she’s dealt with them with sincerity and efficiency. I feel like she’s really focused on my relocation and the service she provides feels very personal. She’s been amazing in accommodating my limited viewing availability and my restrictions with answering the phone at work due to my job and instead communicating via email and text super quickly. I can’t thank her enough for all her help.”

“Great service, Deborah and Robin have been prepared to go the extra mile.”

“Deborah has been excellent, answering questions promptly and explaining things very clearly. I didn’t feel like any question I had was too small.”

“Thanks so much to Deborah for answering every single question I bombarded her with :)”

25th March 2019